01 Dec 2014

Singapore Set to Adopt Euro 6 Emissions Standards for Petrol Vehicles

From September 2017 onwards, all new petrol vehicles in Singapore will need to comply with Euro 6 emission standards. Vehicles using Port Fuel Injection (PFI) which can achieve JPN 2009 emission standards (mainly for Japanese makes) will also be accepted as equivalent to Euro 6 emission standards. Currently, new petrol vehicles are adhering to Euro 4 emission standards.

The new emission standards will be stricter in terms of reducing harmful emissions from vehicles such as NOx (nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide) as well as fine particulate (PM2.5).

September 2017 has been a target set by the National Environmental Agency (NEA) in consultation with the motor industry to ensure that an adequate supply of new vehicles are available for consumers.

*Source : Channel News Asia; National Environment Agency