01 July 2014

Euro 6 Emission Standards by 2017

The Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources has announced that Singapore will be adopting the Euro 6 emission standards by as early as 2017. The standards will impact both new passenger and commercial vehicles when the regulations kick in.

Currently, the emission standards in Singapore are pegged to Euro 4 and 5. Euro 6 is expected to be more stringent with the aim of reducing ultra-fine particulate matter as well as other hazardous gases such as nitrogen oxide emitted from a vehicle’s tailpipe.

These hazardous matter and gases have the potential to enter the body’s system not only through inhalation, but also through the skin and cause health issues to the lungs.

Singapore is anticipated to benefit greatly from this pro-environmental regulation. Most European makes are expected not to have any issues with meeting the regulation deadline as vehicles sold in Europe have to adhere to the Euro 6 emission standards by as early as 2015. However, other manufacturers may need to step up efforts in order to conform to the European emission standards which are increasingly gaining popularity around the world. Nonetheless, the lead time of approximately three years for vehicle distributors to adhere to the changes is a comfortable period of time for preparations to be made.

*Source : The Straits Times; The European Commission