12 Mar 2015

Further Enhancements to the Early Turnover Scheme (ETS) to Encourage Owners of Cat C Diesel Vehicles to Go Green

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) and National Environmental Agency (NEA) have enhanced the existing Early Turnover Scheme (ETS) to offer more incentives to owners of specific Cat C diesel-driven vehicles to replace their existing vehicles with cleaner models. This is in an effort to further improve Singapore’s ambient air quality through regulation of vehicle emissions.

The ETS was first introduced in April 2013 and was subsequently enhanced in March 2014 to offer better incentives to owners of qualifying Cat C vehicles. With effect from 01 August 2015, the ETS will be further enhanced to offer even greater incentives.

The further enhancements include:

1) Extending the incentives to allow more vehicles to be eligible for the ETS

Previously, only Cat C diesel-driven vehicles registered before 01 January 2001 (Pre-Euro & Euro 1) were eligible. The further enhancements will allow Cat C diesel-driven vehicles with emission standards of Euro 2 & 3 (registered on or after 01 January 2001 to 30 September 2006) to be eligible (estimated 59,000 more vehicles). Such vehicles are eligible to enjoy the incentives should deregistration occur between 01 August 2015 to 31 July 2017.

2) Greater incentives for replacement of ETS-eligible vehicles and more replacement vehicle options

With effect from 01 August 2015, owners of eligible ETS vehicles are able to enjoy an additional 3% COE bonus (for MLW ≤ 3,500kg) or 10% (for MLW > 3,500kg) if the replacement vehicle is Euro 6 or higher.

The further enhanced ETS will also allow owners of eligible ETS vehicles to have more options for their replacement vehicle, including Euro 4 petrol, petrol-CNG, petrol-electric or CNG vehicles.

More details on the COE bonus can be found in the following table.

*Discounted PQP payable for replacement vehicle is subject to a min. 10% of PQP
** Also applies to Euro 4/JPN2005 petrol, petrol-CNG, petrol-electric or CNG Cat C vehicles
*** Also applies to JPN2009 with Euro 6 Particle Number (PN)-compliant, for vehicles with MLW of less than or equal to 3,500kg

For more information on further enhancements to the ETS, please refer here.

*Source : Land Transport Authority