09 Jan 2015

Revision of Carbon Emissions-based Vehicle Scheme (CEVS) Measurements for Parallel-imported (PI) Cars

The Carbon Emissions-based Vehicle Scheme (CEVS) will see a change that is likely to benefit parallel-imported (PI) cars.

PI cars are now approved to use an “evolution coefficient factor” of 0.92 to derive the carbon emission reading. The carbon emission reading, in turn, will determine the amount of CEVS rebate a car is entitled to as well as the level of taxes car owners are required to pay.

Example of Carbon Emission Calculation and CEVS Rebate of a PI Car:

Previous Calculations:
– Carbon Emission Measurement: 108g/km
– CEVS Rebate: $15,000

New Calculations:
– Carbon Emission Measurement: 108g/km X Evolution Coefficient Factor (0.92) = 99.4g/km
– CEVS Rebate: $20,000

The revision is due to the nature of cars having a higher carbon dioxide content before running in and as PI cars are generally not run in before testing, unlike new cars from authorised distributors, the “evolution coefficient factor” is meant to provide PI cars with a fairer carbon emission measurement.

*Source : The Straits Times